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Bailey - Female -Golden Retriever SOLD to Marrita

Born Dec 30,2021. She is AKC Registered

Bailey is up to date on her Vaccinations and Worming’s .

Bailey got a bacterial infection on her tail at 3 weeks of age that the vet thinks was brought inside by her mom. He put her on antibiotics and a Bentadine treatment and it is gone but the hair has not all grown back yet. I have circled the spot on her one picture to show what I mean. She is reduced to $900 for that reason.

Wormed : 1/13/22 Nemix

Wormed : 1/27/22 Nemix

Wormed : 2/10/22 safe Gaurd

Wormed : 2/24/22 Safe Gaurd

wormed: 3/17/2022 Safe Gaurd

5way Vaccinations: 2/24/2022

5Way Vaccinations: 3/18/2022


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