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Sweet Caralina Goldens began in 2011.  Always having been dog owners and dog lovers, we decided to look into raising puppies. Raising puppies appealed to us because it would be more than just a job or a hobby.  Puppies were not only something that we could love, but something that we knew would love us back. Knowing that just loving something isn't enough to consider it a good fit, we began asking ourselves questions: Do we have enough time to give each mother and father the attention that they will need? Do we know enough about raising dogs to ensure a successful outcome? Will we get into this and then feel overwhelmed?

Recognizing that dogs are not inanimate objects, we asked ourselves, "Can we make a lifetime commitment to our dogs? Can we make a commitment that whether it is a puppy or an adult, we never let it leave the premises unless we have the confidence it's going to a home that will love and provide adequate care for it?" After praying and thinking as well as doing some in-depth research, we came back with a resounding "Yes!" We were well suited and up to the job!


About Sweet Carolina Shih-tzu's

We started out buying two mamma's. We wanted to be very careful and from the beginning have chosen our parents for health and good temperaments. After those characteristics, we consider  and last but not least, great conformation and a full shiny coat. We want to be able with full confidence to ensure our puppies are healthy and that they have good temperaments and all the beauty the breed is known for! We love every puppy born into our home and are committed to giving it a wonderful life. Maybe you will be a part of that.

We will continue to stay small in order to provide all of our babies with all the daily love and attention they deserve and need.  Thanks for checking us out and have a great Day! 

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