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Nubby  AKC Male 

  Baxter is our male dog we use for almost all our breeding's. He is AKC and CKC Registered.  He belongs to my Son in Law Jason Yoder and lives in Tennessee . He comes and visits us every time we have a female in heat or just for a week end visit. 

   Baxter weighs around 90 pounds and is a very handsome boy. 

  He loves water and plays in the creek by his house daily. He loves hanging out with people and has a goofy personality and not a mean bone in his body.  

   He has had a Embark testing done and has come back clear of all Breed Relevant Genetic Conditions. 

   He shows he carries one variant in the Golden Retriever line and that is the Retinal Atrophy 2. Other then that he is good. 

    Up Date :  We are so sad to say Baxter is no longer with us. He was in an accident 

and has passed away. We are all very sad! He was a wonderful Dog. 


   Ellie Mae is a beautiful reddish color. 

She is AKC Registered and has a very mild sweet temperament . She seems almost shy at times and never try's to hog attention.  She is not that excited about water but loves to hang out and be petted.  

    Ellie Mae has also had the Embark testing done and is cleared of all breed Relevant Genetic conditions. 


  This is Shasta and Ellie Mae . They are full blooded sisters from different litters. You can see the color differences that same parents can throw in litters in these two. 

    Shasta  belongs to my daughter Abigail and she has moved to Tennessee to live with Baxter .  I will still be involved in selling her pups . 

   Shasta is AKC registered and has a much more outgoing personality then her sister Ellie. She loves to be where the action is. She loves water and human interaction. She loves taking walks and swimming . 


  Ardamis is our CKC mom. Ardamis belongs to my son Trey and Ardamis came from our very first Golden retriever Miley who is now retired. 

   Adrdamis is a sweet girl and she loves water and does not mind her baths. She loves going on walks and riding in cars. 

  She has an adventurous spirit and has wondered off a time or two much to our dismay. You can't keep her fenced in and she always finds escape points like opening windows and opening doors with certain knobs. She is very smart and learns very quickly. 

   She hates fireworks and thunderstorms. She is probably one of the best moms we have ever had. She is super attentive to her babies and lines them all up with her nose before laying down beside them being very careful not to lay on them.  

 UPDATE : We have retired Ardamis. 

One Of our Dads

     Nubby is AKC Registered and weighs 80 lbs. He is out of Baxter and Ellie Mae  Born on February 24,2021. 

  He is a beautiful red color and has a very sweet temperament.  He has had both his parents tested with Embark. 

   Nubby was not thriving as a two day old puppy so I was bottle feeding him three times a day till he was 2 weeks old. I noticed at 4 weeks of age his left paw was looking deformed. I took him to the vet and He said it appears that his mom licked it so much in those first two weeks she chewed his nails and paw pads off. He was never in apparent pain as he was in the house the whole time with me and never said a peep. It does not effect his health at all but he does limp. Doc thinks that milk got in his toes from me bottle feeding him and mom was licking it out and did not know when to stop. 

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