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Summit - Golden Mountain Dog Sold to Alex

Summit is the Smallest puppy in the litter. He is a beautiful “Brindle” Golden Mountain Dog, although there is no guarantee that he will still be brindle when fully grown. He has four brindle feet, a white spot on His Chest and the cutest brindle eyebrows. Summit is extremely sweet little boy, he loves to be with people but also has his “Introvert” Moments (Check out the videos of him trying to carry his toy out of the pen and away from everyone else😂). Summit is a smart little guy and uses his smarts, determination and small size to get out of pens when he can, but when he does he just finds the nearest humans feet to sit between and is content to sit there as long as you pet him.

His Parents are “Fat Mabel” and Chevy. “Fat Mabel” is our beloved female “Bernese Mountain Dog” and “Chevy” is our beautiful cream colored “Golden Retriever” male. Both parents are pure reds and AKC registered, they are both close to or just under 100 lbs. in weight, are both extremely sweet and friendly dogs, are eager to please and love to go for swims in the creek.


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